06 Aug 2019

Gray Whales and Zodiac Cruising the Bird Cliffs of Preobrazheniya Bay

After a full and busy day in Anadyr yesterday it was great to be away from port and on the open sea again. Our morning was occupied with introductions to Kapitan Khlebnikov and our expedition team as well as briefings to prepare for our upcoming Zodiac excursions. Mid-morning we took a break and enjoyed watching our first Gray Whales of the expedition, this was a particularly active feeding area with more than 30 animals feeding in the shallow waters of Anadyr Bay. During lunch we anchored at Preobrazheniya Bay and we spent the afternoon out in the Zodiacs cruising along the bird cliffs here enjoying views of many of the local seabird specialities including Brunnich's and Common Guillemot, Tufted and Horned Puffins, Crested, Parakeet and Least Auklets - all of which breed in this area. We are now en route to the shores of the Bering Strait and another full day of expedition activities.

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