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Ambassadors for conservation, pioneers of discovery, and leaders in expedition travel to the world’s best-kept secrets.

For the past 30 years, Heritage Expeditions has pioneered conservation-driven voyages to some of the most wild, least-explored and biologically rich regions on the planet.
Spanning two hemispheres—from Antarctica’s historic Ross Sea to Russia’s isolated Far East—we journey to UNESCO World Heritage sites, pristine nature reserves and far-flung indigenous communities steeped in tradition, including such marvels as Macquarie Island of the Sub-Antarctic, Russia’s secluded Wrangel Island, and the South Pacific’s Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
Join us aboard the intimate 50-passenger Spirit of Enderby as we discover distant shores teeming with penguins, sweeping tundra vistas, colonies of majestic Albatross, remote polar bear breeding grounds, ancient settlements, relics of bygone explorers, and idyllic Pacific islands hosting a kaleidoscope of cultures…
Whether you’re a birder, photographer, wildlife enthusiast, conservationist, or simply an adventurous spirit, these expeditions offer an unparalleled travel experience.
We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

For a complete list of upcoming voyages, please view our Expedition Calendar.

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