14 Sep 2017

SOE: Whales Galore in Olga Bay

In the early morning, as we were entering Olga Bay, we enjoyed the sight of Kronotsky volcano in the lights of rising sun and a pod of killer whales moving fast towards the ship.

After breakfast, we made a zodiac cruise in Olga Bay and encountered several very friendly grey whales, which were foraging in shallow waters near the seashore.

Some of them breached, showing the head and pectoral fins above the water surface. In the afternoon, we landed in the northern part of Olga Bay, divided into two groups and wandered in the opposite directions along the beach, accompanied by the rangers.

Although we found neither bears nor foxes, we saw Steller sea eagles, groups of spotted seals on the rocks, sandpipers and waders on the shore.

Amazing evening light running through the clouds accompanied us on the way to the ship.

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