29 Jul 2018

Pack Ice - Polar Bear family feeding time

After a fantastic day spent in amongst the pack ice today – the day finished on a real high. Four Polar Bears were spotted feeding on a fresh kill - one of the adults moved off, however Mum and two cubs were very relaxed and stayed around, even exhibiting a bit of playfulness with the big blue ‘stranger’ that was the Spirit of Enderby slowly sailing past. The family seemed so content with our presence that our Expedition Leader made the call to gently move away and attempt to put zodiacs in the water for a closer look at these stunning animals. We all moved incredibly quickly and within 15 minutes we were all in zodiacs and carefully making our way back to them. Joining all five zodiacs up in a floating raft, we drifted quietly past the family, happily still feeding on their walrus kill. The light was incredible, however as gorgeous as the photos may be, they will not be able to fully capture an experience that was quite surreal for all involved.

Polar Bear Family Feeding Wrangel Island Ice 1827

© M.Carwardine

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