23 Aug 2019

Hiking in the Kamchatka Tundra

Jewel of the Russian Far East

Cruising into the Kamchatka region the change in landscape was immediate - the mountains multiplying and growing higher, while the flora, responding to the warmer climate, denser and more prolific, painted the ground in a variety of colours. Sailing along the 9-kilometre sheltered fiord of Bukhta Pavla we enjoyed observing Largha/Spotted seals, and brilliantly marked Horned and Tufted Puffins.

Upon landing we make begin our journey from Bukhta Pavla to Bukhta Petra on foot exploring the fascinating and picturesque region. Flanked by steep mountains and walking atop colourful tundra under the warm Kamchatka sun we discover waterfalls, a 5°C lake (the braver ones among us jumping right in to cool off), watch an energetic stoat on the prowl, pick blueberries and learn from our botany guide Moshe about the short lifecycle of arctic plants. Reaching the end of the walk, and the shore of Butka Petra, we are privileged to watch a Kamchatka Brown Bear fishing for salmon in a nearby river before heading back on board Spirit of Enderby for a well-earned dinner of our own. 

Image (c) H.Dohn, Heritage Expeditions

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