Emperor Penguins, Discovery Hut and Mt Discovery

21 February, 2019

Emperor Penguins on the Ice Edge, Ross Sea

Image (c) Heritage Expeditions

It's an encounter all aboard our 'In the Wake of Scott & Shackleton' Antarctic expedition will never forget, a waddle of 11 Emperor Penguins regally standing at attention at the ice edge under a molten McMurdo Sound sun.

We happily extend the moment, delaying our journey down Hut Point Peninsula and spend some time floating alongside these feathered adventurers aboard their frozen raft, watching the birds and their indifference to us as we capture some amazing photos. Reluctantly we farewell our Antarctic companions and continue on our own adventure, sailing down to our first historical site and winter location of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his team - Discovery Hut where we do some exploring of our own.

The long hours of sunshine sees the last Zodiac returning to Spirit of Enderby as the sun eventually slips behind Mount Discovery.



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