03 Nov 2021

Polar Bear Week: Spotlight On Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island Polar Bears for Polar Bear Week 2021 with Heritage Expeditions

Have you heard of Polar Bear Week? Presented by Polar Bears International during the first week of November, Polar Bear Week is an annual event to celebrate, educate, raise awareness about the threats to this endangered species from climate and human impact and to solicit support for conservation work.

This year, we celebrated Polar Bear Week by showcasing Russia's most treasured Polar Bear sanctuary, Wrangel Island

Polar Bears have become a symbol of climate change; warming oceans is the number one threat to Polar Bears throughout the Arctic. While they remain an endangered species, researchers have estimated a healthy and abundant population on Wrangel and the highest density of dens in all of the Arctic.

The Russian Government declared Wrangel Island a Nature Reserve in 1976 to protect the Polar Bears, as well as the Snow Geese and Walrus which also flourish here. In spite of having one month less on preferred sea ice habitats to hunt, Polar Bears in this region are still able to feed from and rest on Wrangel Island, due to the nutrient-rich Chukchi Sea and productive marine habitats surrounding the island.

#1 Reason to Visit The Russian Far East: Polar Bear Denning Capital
Delight in heartwarming Polar Bear sightings on Wrangel Island, Russia's treasured wildlife sanctuary of Wrangel Island and the best place to view Polar Bears mothers and their cubs!

Often called the “Polar Bear Maternity Ward" for having the largest density of denning polar bears in the world, Wrangel Island averages between 350 and 400 dens each year. A 7,600-square-kilometer UNESCO World Heritage site north of Siberia, Wrangel Island is accessible only by expedition cruise. Enjoy viewing mother Polar Bears and cubs on the ice floes, island cliffs and over spectacular tundra landscapes on all of our Wrangel Island voyages.

Polar Bears International is the only conservation organization dedicated solely to wild Polar Bears and their habitat through research, education, and action programs. Polar Bear Week is an annual celebration and awareness event to educate and inspire involvement and support. Learn More

Status of Polar Bears on Wrangel
Learn how the Chukchi Sea Polar Bear population is doing and how a unique US–Russia collaboration starting in 2016 allows research to continue during COVID-19. By Dr. Eric Regehr, Biologist & Principal Investigator, Polar Science Center. Learn More

Join us in the Rusaian Far East next season on one of our signature expedition cruises to Wrangel Island and experience the best place to view Polar Bear mothers and cubs. 


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