07 Sep 2019

Proshchay Russia!

Captain's Log Alert

Spirit of Enderby leaves Avacha Bay, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, in her wake signalling the end of our Russian Far East season for 2019. Following a charter, Heritage Expeditions flagship will make her way to Sorong, Indonesia, for the maiden voyage of our new expedition 'Indonesian Explorer'. Sailing Indonesia's remote and unknown tropical islands, this 14-day voyage will see expeditioners swimming with Whale Sharks in Kwatisore Bay and exploring the turquoise waters and rainbow corals of Raja Ampat as we traverse powdery white sand beaches, untamed jungles home to Red, Wilsons and Lesser Bird-of-paradise and World War II relics visiting lost tribes as Spirit of Enderby makes her way down to Madang, Papua New Guinea.

Image (c) N.Russ, Heritage Expeditions

30 Aug 2019

After leaving the Commander Islands and sailing overnight to the Kamchatka mainland, we started the last day of our expedition at Olga Bay this m...READ MORE
29 Aug 2019

As Spirit of Enderby continues our 'Jewel of the Russian Far East' journey along the western extremity of the Aleutian chain, we spend our third ...READ MORE
28 Aug 2019

Our full day at Medny Island starts with an early breakfast followed by a landing at Preobrazhenskaya Bay. Medny, meaning 'copper' in Russian, is...READ MORE
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