25 Jul 2019

Polar Bears Hunting Walrus

Across the Top of the World 2019

Despite fog and an unusually turbulent Bering Sea heralding the start of our first 'Across the Top of the World' voyage this season, we are now blessed with calm waters and sunshine - just in time to spot our first Polar Bear on Kolyuchin Island, sail alongside a pod of Bowhead whales and cruise along a haul out of hundreds of Walrus on the ice.

The Walrus spectacle also attracting the attention of Polar Bears, their hunting of the large haul out providing a rare, nature-documentary-come-to-life encounter for all and creating much discussion as Kapitan Khlebnikov makes its way north to Wrangel Island, the world's Polar Bear denning capital.

Image from file © Heritage Expeditions


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