17 Feb 2024

Frozen in time – Revisiting the magic of Scott’s Hut

Today we rose bright and early to visit Scott’s Hut on Cape Evans, Ross Island. Along the way, we encountered several Weddell Seals and Adélie Penguins resting along the shoreline. Scott’s Hut was built in 1911 and became the home for Scott’s party during their British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition and many other early expedition teams thereafter. Due to the below-freezing temperatures, and the work of the Antarctic Heritage Trust, we were able to view the structures and artifacts within the hut just as they were 113 years ago.

Many of us participated in a 3.2-kilometre walk on the 9-metre-thick sea ice surrounding Scott Base. The below-freezing temperatures and winds made Scott’s completion of the Terra Nova Expedition even more astounding. While returning to Heritage Adventurer, we were greeted by Emperor Penguins, who began to line up and effortlessly march with us. As we departed, the Emperor Penguins swam to the surrounding pack ice as if they were saying their farewells to us. We ended the day observing a pod of Orcas/Killer Whales swimming through the pack ice and a magnificent view of Mt. Erebus.

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