06 Mar 2020

Fitting Finale at The Snares

Zodiac Cruising The Snares

This morning we had one of the best two-hours of nature viewed during a Zodiac cruise of the Snares Islands.

The adventure began with us observing spectacular rafting of thousands of Sooty Shearwaters assembling ahead of a day out fishing and joined by a raft of 50 Buller's Albatrosses. Other wildlife viewed included Snares-crested Penguins, a Rockhopper Penguin, several endemic Snares Fernbirds and Tomtits along with excellent viewing of New Zealand Fur Seals and Hooker's Sea Lions.

This outstanding wildlife, with its ancient granite rock and vegetation, provided an excellent finale to a successful expedition.

Image from file © I.Wilson, Heritage Expeditions

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