06 Apr 2017

Birding and Exploring in New Caledonia

6-8 April

After a leisurely day at sea, we arrived in New Caledonia.

With it's Melanesian traditions and French influences this small tropical island can be described as the South of France located in the Pacific. The majority of the day was spent exploring the Parc de la Rivière Bleue, the National Park of New Caledonia. The park is located 60km from the capital of Noumea. Once we arrived at the park, I was introduced to a completely new way of spending your leisure time ‘birding’. I honestly enjoyed this remarkable day.

The highlight of the day was early in the morning when we encountered the incomparable Kagu, even those with just a ‘regular’camera were able to shoot some great pictures of this extraordinary bird. Other birds that were seen during the day were even rarer. We were fortunate to see the  Crow Honey eater, Horned Parakeet and Yellow-bellied Robin. The non-birders among the group enjoyed the beautiful weather, the scenery of the park and got to enjoy a swim in the river.

Those who decided not to spend the day in the National Park enjoyed a day in the town of Noumea. A trip to the beach was made to snorkel or just to sip a tropical cocktail in one of the beach side cafés. Others wandered around town, and got acquainted with the friendly locals. The following morning there was on option to visit Mt. Koghi where in the forests we stumbled across the New Caledonian Crow, New Caledonian Imperial-Pigeon and the Southern Shrikebill.

We’ve just left New Caledonia, next stop the Solomon Islands!

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