20 Jul 2019

Beringian Arctic Games in Lorino

Beringia Arctic Games Dancers, Lorino

One of the highlights of our 'Chukotka - Where Russia's Day Begins' voyage includes attending the annual Beringian Arctic Games and Festival.

Each year, communities within the Beringia region gather in a different village for the Beringia Arctic Games and Festival to share, honour and celebrate their cultures and compete in a series of games - from whaleboat regattas to wrestling and tug-of-war matches. Singers and dance troops perform on stage, art and crafts are displayed for purchase, and traditional food stalls compete for the best Arctic specialties.

This year's host was the village of Lorino on the Chukotka Peninsula where Heritage Expeditions voyagers spent the morning and afternoon enjoying the festivities. Many started off with a hot cup of traditional tea before watching the opening ceremony and wandering throughout the festival grounds. With so much colour and activity in one place, Lorino was a photographer's delight.

After our eventful day, we returned to Kapitan Khlebnikov where we were treated to a delicious five-course meal in the dining rooms to celebrate our adventure coming to an end.

Image from file (c) A.Tockston


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