06 Apr 2017

Beaked Whales, White Capped Albatross and more

3-5 April

We have enjoyed sailing north towards Norfolk Island. Unfortunately we couldn't land at Norfolk today due to rough conditions. The remainders of Cyclone Debbie in combination with a southerly swell made it too dangerous to make a landing at this former penal colony. As an alternative we are now on our way to a sea mount which is located just south of New Caledonia to try and sight the 'New Caledonian Storm-Petrel'.

However, the last days on board the Spirit of Enderby have been very eventful. The birders spotted a number of Little and Wedge tailed Shearwaters, Long Tailed Skua, Red Tropic Bird and the beautiful Tahiti Petrel. Also two very southerly Red Footed Boobies and even a White-Capped Albatross joined the list of spotted birds. We have also been lucky enough to see some marine life, with Beaked Whales, Dolphins and some fantastic Flying Squid sighted alongside the ship. Other than wildlife, all the guests are enjoying the beautiful Pacific weather, with some more than others looking a little to the redder side of tan!  I will end this second blog with a celebratory note, because on the 3rd of April, we celebrated staff member Andrew and Marian's birthdays with some delicious chocolate pies prepared by the chefs. 


04 Apr 2017

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29 Mar 2017

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