06 Aug 2018

Across the Top of the World Departs

It was a typical Anadyr-ian day we boarded Spirit of Enderby for our Across the Top of the World voyage.  The rain had eased by afternoon and once aboard we enjoyed incredible views of the beluga off the side of the ship, as well as ground squirrels which roam the wharf area.  This voyage spans the coastline of mainland Chukotka for the first few days before turning northwards through the Bering Strait and onwards to the little known Arctic islands of Wrangel and Herald.  During the afternoon, we met and were warmly welcomed by the expedition team who have breadth and wealth of experience to share.  After a delicious welcome dinner we retired to bed as the Captain and his crew set a course eastbound across Anadyr Bay toward our first stop - Preobrazheniya Bay. 

05 Aug 2018

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29 Jul 2018

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27 Jul 2018

An early wake up call was worth jumping out of our beds for; our first Polar Bear sighting for the voyage! A lovely introduction to what would become…READ MORE
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