Wild Welcome at Macquarie Island

14 February, 2019

Yawning Elephant Seal on Macquarie Island

Image (c) M.Thomassen

Our journey south has been marred by bad weather, however, we were granted a brief window in which to enjoy the experience of communing among the proliferation of wildlife Aussie rocky outpost Macquarie Island sustains. Landing at Sandy Bay saw us navigating hundreds of lazing Elephant Seals, the squawk and jostle of inquisitive King and Royal and Penguins, Giant Petrels and feisty Skuas as we explored the bay. With heavy afternoon swells around Spirit of Enderby and high waves at our landing sites preventing our visit to the Australian Antarctic Base, we cruised alongside the massive King Penguin colony at Lusitania Bay on the southern tip of the island where the theatrics and ceremony of thousands of the dapper birds blanketing the beach was endlessly fascinating.


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