Whalewatcher's delight in Kamchatka

1 June, 2017

Our 2017 Russian Far East season got underway on Tuesday 30th May.  We welcomed everybody (many old friends and familiar faces amongst them) on board in Petropavlovsky-Kamchatskiy and sailed for the Commander Islands.  Sea conditions could only be described as “exceptionally good” and it was a very pleasant evening.   Wednesday was spent at sea and it turned out to be a cetacean enthusiast’s (that was everybody on board)  'smorgasbord' (not literality but figuratively) with a variety species to enjoy. Our final count for the day included 13 Blue Whales, 10 Fin whales, 9 Humpback whales, 1 Sperm Whale and 9 Dall’s Porpoise . Not a bad way to start the expedition.

Today, Thursday 1st June we are looking forward to visiting Nikolskoye village with opportunities to meet the locals enjoy the local Museum and some birding before visiting a seal rookery and zodiac cruising a seabird Island.



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