The Two Sides of Senyavina Strait

8 August, 2018

The day dawned with mirror calm waters around Yttygran.  We anchored off Whale Bone Alley, an incredible archaeological site that holds bowhead whale jaw bones standing up tall in rows. We spent over two hours ashore allowing time to relax, wander and explore.  Some of us climbed higher to gain altitude and enjoy the stunning views over Senyavina Strait.  As the rain became heavier we returned to Professor Khromov and the Captain relocated the ship over the Strait to Gil'mimyl for the afternoon.  Some ventured straight for the natural hot pools up river with time to relax in the toasty warm water, while others took a slower route to the hot pool with walks that focussed on the flora and fauna of the area. A few remained around the landing site got the opportunity to visit with a local Chukchi man who makes his home on the tundra during the summer months and lives a relatively subsistence lifetsyle.  He had erected a yaranga (traditional circular shaped tent) and had brewed fresh tea over an open fire, as well as fresh 'caught-today' pink salmon, home-made bread, tundra greens and local caviar. This was quite a humbling experience – and a true interaction with how the local people live here. We plan to make our way to Lavrentiya village tomorrow.


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