Spotting the First Iceberg

21 January, 2019

The announcement of the first iceberg of our expedition saw excited passengers grabbing their cameras and heading out onto the decks and up to the bridge to check out the frozen teaser of what's to come on our 'In the Wake of Scott & Shackleton' voyage. Estimated at around 25-metres high and 400-metres in length, we circumnavigated the impressive floating monolith before continuing on our journey to Cape Adare.

It's been almost three days since we sailed off Macquarie Island, with the first two days delivering some very pleasant sea days. Last night that came to an end when the weather, as predicted, changed and our ship began pitching for the first time. The navigation is not too uncomfortable, with everyone aboard following our 'one hand for you, one hand for the ship' mantra and we've been able to enjoy some lectures in preparation for hitting the ice. However we have changed course, heading further east in order to avoid the eye of this very low depression hanging around Cape Adare.

Current Location

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