SHOKALSKIY A whale of a tale in East Antarctica

3 February, 2017

A whale of a tale,

2 Feb 2018, was a mixed day, a day of Sea Ice and large number of Seals, As we cleared the last part of the Sea Ice we could set a course for the Balleny Islands, our next way point.

As we cleared the Ice, Nathan and Samuel were on the Bridage and out of the blue came onew of the worlds wounders, something that everyone dreams of seeing, A Blue Whale, the call went out over the PA system and everyone ran to the deck to see if they could get a glimps of this amazing whale. With the Blue Whale diving everyone started to head back inside when a Minke Whale started jumping close the the bow of the ship and as he finished Jumping 2 large Humpback whales started jumoing just of our Port Side, with some amazing photos taken as the whales when into the air over and over again.

This as ended 2 amazing days of whale sighting as we moved from East Antarctia to the enterance to the Ross Sea.



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