One of Those Breathtaking Wildlife Days

16 June, 2017

The Sea of Okhotsk is renowned for fog, but we have enjoyed blue skies and calm seas  since commencing this expedition. Yesterday we had an amazing day at a small seldom visited Island called Iony which lies in the middle of this sea. The Island is home for literally thousands and thousands of fulmars, guillemots, crested, whiskered, parakeet and least auklets as well as a good population of Steller Sealions. It was an incredible zodiac cruise which lasted over 4 hours.

Today we are in the little known Shantar Islands in the western Sea of Okhotsk and again we are blessed with a magnificent day. Most of us have been up since first light as these islands have many secrets. By morning tea time we had seen and spent time with two Bowhead whales and now we are searching in the ice for very rare Ribbon Seals. We have had three very good sightings (with more to come I am predicting) we have also seen Ringed (an endemic sub species) Largha and bearded seal. It is for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers (of which we have many on board) one of those days they will not forget. We have two days scheduled here.

©Heritage Expeditions Sea of Okhotsk

©Heritage Expeditions Sea of Okhotsk

©Heritage Expeditions

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