Maybe Moby?

29 June, 2019

Siberia's Forgotten Coast

Image (c) D.Brown

As the Spirit of Enderby was approaching Karaginskiy Island on Day 5 of our 'Siberia's Forgotten Coast' expedition the calm sea conditions allowed us to spot several whales - one in particular caught our attention and treated all on board to some great views.

This whale positively glowed beneath the waters of the Bering Sea, but it wasn't any ordinary white whale - this was a very pale Sperm Whale. Closer inspection revealed a number of impressive scars that weren't consistent with wounds made by other whales or their deep sea squid prey.

Talk aboard suggested that they could be harpoon wounds which led expeditioners to start wondering if this was Moby Dick himself, lurking in the furthest reaches of the Pacific Ocean? He would be old if it was him, but whales are known to reach a great age ...

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