Killer Whale Encounters off the Kamchatka Coast

19 June, 2019

Resident Orca, Kamchatka, D.Brown

Images (c) D.Brown

Russia's Far East has shared yet another incredible wildlife encounter with expeditioners aboard Spirit of Enderby, this time among a pod of up to 30 Resident (fish-eating) Orcas, including 5 large males off the Kamchatka coast. The Killer Whales appeared as fascinated with us as we were with them as they cruised alongside our vessel for almost an hour-and-and-a-half putting on next level displays of acrobatics with tail slapping, breaching and herding fish.

This unforgettable experience was followed by a landing at the old border guard site at Bukhta Russkaya and another thrilling cetacean encounter as two Blue Whales pulled up to check out our ship, briefly joining our passage, alongside Dall's Porpoise and a spot of Fin Whale watching capping off an incredible couple of days expeditioning.

Resident Orca, Kamchatka, D.Brown

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