Enroute home to New Zealand

7 February, 2017

Feb 6th – Another group of avid hikers went out to summit Mt. Honey at 569m this morning.  This is the highest point on Campbell Island.  Other groups went zodiac cruising around Perseverance Harbour and to the Col Lyall boardwalk to spend the day observing the Southern Royal Albatross nesting and look for the elusive Campbell Island Snipe. Our last zodiac landing was memorable with everyone getting plenty of time to enjoy the island before we pulled up anchor at 11pm.

Feb 7th – This was a day at sea as we made our way back towards the mainland of New Zealand. The seas were a bit rough and lived up to the Furious Fifties name today. It gave people plenty of time to relax in their cabins and the library reflecting on the journey as we head for Stewart Island.


©K.Ovsyanikova Campbell Island

Photo (from file): K.Ovsyanikova

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