(Enderby) Island Life

12 February, 2019

Auckland Islands Snipe on Enderby Island

Image (c) Heritage Expeditions

Enveloped in a light fog and eerie calm, Enderby Island greets us with views of the resident Sandy Bay Hooker Sea Lion population, complete with plump pups, lazing on the white sand beach as we cut across the glassy water in our Zodiacs. Undoubtedly Auckland Island's rock star destination, Enderby Island was ours for the day to explore as we ambled through wind-clipped Rata forest onto the boardwalk and through fields of megaherbs dotted with tiny orchids and Enderby Island Gentian - a sight which caused many to stop and capture the moment. With curious Yellow-eyed Penguins watching our passage and us theirs, some brilliant spotting of the endemic Auckland Island Teal and elusive Snipe while albatross wheeled in the sky above, we later join the Department of Conservation at Sandy Bay for an afternoon of tea and biscuits as they give us a fascinating insight into their work with the endangered sea lions. This evening an increasing swell is causing Spirit of Enderby to roll as we make our way down to Macquarie Island.


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