A Day of Many 'Lifers'

20 March, 2019

Tahiti Petrel L.Steijn

Image (c) L.Steijn

We awoke with a day at sea ahead of us. The air temperature had already increased to 23°C and the water was at a warm 26°C. This was no day for swimming though, today was all about the birds! The outer decks - bow, stern and top deck above the bridge were full all day as we were on the lookout for more species. Although a lighter day in numbers of species seen, many aboard manged to tick off several 'lifers' which made cause for smiles on faces. The day brought sightings of a Magnificent Petrel, over 30 Providence Petrels (highest number seen on a Western Pacific Odyssey Voyage), around 10 Tahiti Petrel (pictured), more than 100 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, as well as Red-tailed Tropicbirds, White-tailed Tropicbirds, Masked Boobies, and Long-tailed Skua. During the morning we also enjoyed decent sightings of Short-finned Pilot Whales.


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