28 Jan 2022

Wrangel Island: Living Amongst the Polar Bears

To visit Wrangel Island, UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Russia's most treasured wildlife sanctuaries, is a privilege. Including international flight time, an entire week is needed for travellers to reach this isolated, high Arctic reserve. Wrangel lies 140 kilometres (87 miles) off the northeastern coast of Siberia and is accessible only by expedition cruise.

Often referred to as the “Polar Bear Maternity Ward,” the Island averages more than 400 Polar Bear dens each year. Delight in heartwarming Polar Bear sightings on the tundra, rocky cliffs and ice floes, and discover an abundance of Arctic wildlife, including Pacifc Walrus, Snowy Owl, Arctic foxes, Musk Oxen, Reindeer, Whales and large colonies of seabirds. 

Local rangers accompany you throughout the duration of your Wrangel Island visit. Click below to hear sound bites from two of the Park's staff, Gennady (Park Ranger) and Pavel (Ecologist).

Living Amongst the Polar Bears - Gennady, Park Ranger

Initial Impressions of Wrangel Island - Pavel, Ecologist

The Profound Effect of Wrangel Island - Gennady, Park Ranger


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