25 Sep 2019

Acclaimed Polar Scientist Professor Lloyd Peck joins 2019 Antarctic Season opening in Christchurch

Leading Polar scientist Professor Lloyd Peck will open the 2019 Antarctic Season in Christchurch with a free presentation 'Antarctic Adventure' at Tūranga on Wednesday, 2 October from 9 - 11am.

The renowned researcher at the British Antarctic Survey is at the forefront of animal adaptations to extreme cold and will be the guest speaker at the upcoming event. Professor Peck's talk, Life in Antarctica: A Study in Extremes, will offer fascinating insights into his life on the ice and how he and his team conduct their studies at the Rothera British Antarctic base - both above and below the water.

During his 30-plus years studying how species live and adapt to life in the coldest, driest, windiest and most isolated place on the planet, Professor Peck has collected numerous accolades including being awarded an Erskine Fellowship from the University of Canterbury.

Professor Peck will be joined by fellow presenters Dr Regina Eisert and Shanelle Dyer with Science for the Ross Sea Region and Heritage Expeditions Operations Director and Expedition Leader Nathan Russ with his talk In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton.

Antarctic Adventure is proudly presented by The Antarctic Office, New Zealand Antarctic Society, University of Canterbury, Antarctica New Zealand and Heritage Expeditions.


Antarctic Adventure
9 - 11am
Wednesday, 2 October 2019
Tūranga, 60 Cathedral Square

Ross Sea image (c) Y.Mishina, Heritage Expeditions



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