Siberia's Forgotten Coast: Kamchatka Coast

“An outstanding expedition”

“Dear Leanne, I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks for an outstanding expedition to those concerned. Lindsay and Cath produced beautiful meals and their careful presentation combined with their sunny disposition made it feel that I had been invited in to their home rather than eating in a restaurant. I did not require Cam's professional services but we had some great chats over meals and I trust my tomato recipe will go down well with his wife. Dan and Chris diligently and enthusiastically pointed us in the right direction to see the wildlife and you could see the interest amongst none birdy clients grow day by day. You had to arrive early to get a seat at the reading of the checklist. To witness the care and field craft used to allow us to see Spoon billed Sandpiper on the nest was truly memorable and typifies Heritage's attitude to putting the wildlife first. Multitalented Meghan, Katya and Rodney work so hard in so many ways to make each day memorable. "It is now 0630 and breakfast is served" has never sounded so good and that early positive greeting always got the day off to a good start. Rodney's briefings never failed to whet the appetite and Katya's lectures on the indigenous peoples were both thoughtful and inspiring. Time and again I got close to wildlife that knew I was there but did not feel threatened, Thank you all for a wonderful experience, Brian Bates”

Brian Bates

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