Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific: Subantarctic Islands

“One of the highlights of our travelling portfolio”

“Evening Cally, Just a quick note to thank you and the team for a wonderful voyage to the Snares, Enderby, Auckland & Campbell Islands early January. Trevor and I both enjoyed the voyage and consider our adventure to be one of the highlights of our travelling portfolio. The Heritage Team were undoubtedly experts in their fields; from Don/Rodney and guides who brought the islands alive; the Captain and officers and in no small way, the galley and housekeeping team members. The Russian crew all deserve medals continuing with their duties when the “Professor Kromov” was being her dynamic best; especially the galley crew and chefs who never failed to serve appetising food fit for any top class restaurant. Thanks also to the wild life on the islands– their appearances and displays were spectacular as were the islands themselves. It is no small wonder that the early coast watchers relished their time on the islands regardless of weather and hardships.... Trevor relished every minute of his big 60 treat and I can look back and categorically state that it was money well spent. Thanks again to the Heritage Team, yourself and our travel agent. ”

Dianna & Trevor

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