Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific: Subantarctic Islands

“An experience of a lifetime”

“Dear Lorna I wish you to pass on my thanks to Rodney and all the staff who made my week in the Southern Ocean an experience of a lifetime. I think I might have been the oldest member of our party but it was all within my ability and I am so pleased I was able to fit the adventure into this summer. It has given me a renewed vision and confidence. I was delighted to meet such great people who shared the travel and think new friendships might go beyond the all but brief week we spent. I dreamed to see the albatross and the big ocean. Both exceeded expectation. And there was so much more. I have enjoyed reading your Handbook and the DOC’s Subantartic New Zealand since I came home. It was such a totally ‘ín the moment’ time with sensory overload that to enjoy reflection time since has actually extended the week to 3! ”


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