In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton: Ross Sea Antarctica

“Ross Sea: In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton”

“Hi guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic expedition we experienced in the Southern Ocean. The sites, especially the huts, are quite moving and just so humbling to actually be there. The restoration that has been done is incredible. And having the extensive knowledge of the Duke is unsurpassed. I am still watching back the videos of his explanations in the huts. All joking aside Katya, I have learnt a lot about the birds and can certainly recognise much more than the beginning of January. I have been raving about the whole trip to family and friends and can't watch the photos too often. I love being able to talk about all we saw and experienced from the likes of Hill 360 to the expanse of the ice. Despite having only been home a few weeks I still cannot believe I was actually down there and also on the other sub-antarctic islands. All I can say is thank you. It has been fascinating reading the recent logs online too. I trust Samuel and Agnes had fun travels around the South Island. I look forward to getting to the Arctic next year now. Thank you again and keep up the great work!”

Paul (travelled 2014)

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