In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton: Ross Sea Antarctica

“So many breathtaking, awe-inspiring experiences”

“...Your combined knowledge and skills was outstanding and inspiring. Don, treading the fine line between people's expectations and providing safe, rewarding experiences must at times be difficult but you did it with ease and we both had so many breathtaking, awe-inspiring experiences in expedition mode. I had done a bit of reading to prepare for this trip, but your words, from each of you a different angle, brought the knowledge to life and made me love Antarctica more than I thought I would - although Antarctica and the penguins had a hand in that as well. I will certainly honour the pledge I made at the Mark of the Penguin ceremony - until my last expedition is taken. This note wouldn't be complete without special mention of the chefs - Robin and Ben. You did an amazing job and the food was exceptional and that is without factoring in the many challenges you would face cooking on the ship - thank you... ”


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