In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton: Ross Sea Antarctica

“We were in penguin heaven”

“We had such a wondrous time on the ship...still reeling from it all, it was just fabulous and the thousands of penguins we saw were just amazing and exceeded all our expectations!!! Four new species for us seen was just amazing...Snares, Royals, SIX EMPERORS and an erect crested!!! We were in penguin heaven!!! We've now seen 15 of the 18 penguins in the wild!!!! So thanks to wonderful Heritage you have all have made dreams come true for us...So amazing and we loved the islands, the ice, all the birds we saw, whales, seals, ice, crazy sea, calm sea, bergs, sky, peace, beauty and wonder of soo far south, we loved the walks on land, all the landings, zodiac cruises, food, crew, staff, was all just fantastic.... ”

Julie and Tim

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