Russia's Ring of Fire: Kamchatka and Kuril Islands

“A life changing experience”

“I just arrived in Belgium but my heart,love and memories are still in Russia's Far East. What an incredible trip! This truly must be one of the last wildernesses in the world. The visit to Yankicha Island was a life changing experience. More than a million Crested Aukletsn accompanied by the truly bizar Whiskered auklets. Just amazing ... We saw 15 species of alcids (incl. the rare Kittlitz's Murrelet and Japanese Murrelet), had a record breaking 14 Short-tailed Albatrosses, were confronted with catabatic winds of up to 80 knots/hour, had amazing sights of Rock Sandpiper, Grey-crowned Rosy Finch,Steller's Sea Eagle, 5 Blue Whales, 100+ Killer Whales, a suprising Grey Whale, 14 Sperm Whales, a Red-billed Starling (new for Russia?), Black-billed Capercaillie and the list of species goes on and on an on. A huge THANK YOU to Rodney and his outstanding team. Their adventurous spirit was amazing and made it possible to go where others would not dare to. What a professional team! From zodiac drivers to lecturers, from cooks to technicians, from Captain to birdguides: an amazing team. This was a superb trip, on a cosy vessel, to one of the most remote and wildest areas on Planet Earth with an amazing team and very enjoyable company of all the other passengers. I can't wait to go back ... Many, many, many thanks to the whole team of Heritage Expeditions!!! ”

Dominique Verbelen

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