Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific: Subantarctic Islands

“I'm sure this won't be my last trip with Heritage”

“Firstly I would like to thank Heritage for another memorable trip. This time we made it to the Snares and what mysterious and memorable islands they are. My last visit to Enderby Island 2 years ago (en route to the Ross Sea) was a very wet and windy affair, this time it was blue skies and light winds, Light Mantled Sooty Albatross with a chick on the wild Northern cliffs, a NZ Falcon at arms length, fearless Flightless Teal and Hookers Sealions covering Sandy Bay beach with tiny pups and huge sparring bulls, so much going on. Campbell Island with it's Royal Albatross and fields of Megaherbs can never fail to lift the spirits, these islands are very special places indeed. I'd like to thank the whole crew of the Spirit of Enderby for their friendly professionalism, especially to Alex and Jessie for keeping us so well informed on all aspects of the expedition, to Martin Cawthorne and Tui de Roy for their very informative and entertaining lectures, to Robin and Dave for producing fabulous meals under really difficult sea conditions and last but not least to Dr Konrad Richter for his attentiveness when I suffered a damaged wrist from a fall on deck. I must also mention the other passengers on Heritage Expeditions, on both trips I have met really interesting people and have made lasting friends, this I think is due to the small ship with it's 50 passengers of like minded souls, 30 days on a small ship you get to know people quite well!! I'm sure this won't be my last trip with Heritage, maybe the Bering Sea next time...keep up the good work. ”

Michael Potts

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