Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific: Subantarctic Islands

“There were times when there were no words to describe it”

“Hello Lorna, I am just checking in to say -- my trip to the subantartic Islands was just amazing!! and I just loved the fields of mega herbs and the wildlife. There were times when there were no words to describe it all.One highlight was the day I got to the top of the board walk on Campbell.--magnificant.!! The meals were great" fresh and healthy food,- your staff sure did look after us.{ as you said they would }and it was very necessary at times-.I was very impressed with the young staff ,they were very reliable, confident, and made me feel safe and secure. I met some great fellow adventurours ! warm caring and friendly people." The management of all aspects of everyone on the "Spirit of Enderby" was well done. The ''southern ocean'. was somethings else-- also the coping with the heaving and moving ship as we negotiated the stairs etc I had to "dig deep" mentally and physically to get through that aspect of the trip. But we all arrived back in Bluff on a high..... "Thank you" to Heritage Expeditions for a memorable adventure-- and I have some beautiful photos as a reminder of where I have been. Kind Regards Thelma ”


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