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With Heritage Expeditions

Pioneering expedition cruise company Heritage Expeditions is delighted to partner with award-winning Australian travel photographer and author of ReIMAGINE: Change your Photography by Changing your Perspective Ewen Bell offering his bespoke, small group photography workshops on three voyages in 2024:

  • Japan's National Parks, Art & Culture 24 May - 8 June
  • Kimberley Explorer 11 - 21 August SAVE 20% - Early Bird Sale*
  • Galapagos of the Southern Ocean 18 - 29 December

Limited to just 8 photographers per voyage, join one of Ewen's exclusive photography workshops on an authentic expedition cruise with Heritage Expeditions aboard their luxurious 140-guest flagship Heritage Adventurer and benefit from his more than two-decades of photography experience and teaching through a dedicated series of presentations and interactive sessions on board the comfort of Heritage Adventurer and excursions out in the field to capture the light, wildlife, wilderness and culture.

*T&Cs apply, book by 31 October 2023, berth rate only, excludes optional excursions and photography workshop

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Japan's National Parks, Art & Culture: A Circumnavigation of Honshu, Osaka to Osaka, including South Korea

16 DAYS - with Ewen Bell

24 May – 8 June 2024
Kobe to Kobe
Aboard Heritage Adventurer

  • Circumnavigation of Japan's main island Honshu and exploration of its wilderness, arts, culture and rich history
  • Explore Japan's most sacred shrine complex Ise Jingū with 125 different shrines including grand shrine Kotai Jingū
  • Meet Japan's iconic amulet-wearing ama divers
  • Discover Japan Geopark Izu Oshima Island's unique natural and human history
  • Visit Japans famed island-dotted seascapes of Matsushima and Argo Bays
  • Impressive lakes, hot springs and volcanic wonderland of Shikotsu-Toya National Park
  • Visit two of Japan's best contemporary art museums - Hachinhoe Art Museum and the Towada Art Center
  • Explore stunning Lake Towada, a 2,000-year-old flooded double caldera, in Towada Hachimantai National Park
  • Discover the Kakunodate Samurai District, a living museum that showcases the samurai way of life
  • Admire art island Naoshima's architecture and galleries including Chichu Art Museum and Benesse House
  • Experience the flora of famed Japanese gardens Mifuneyama Rakuen and Ritsurin Park
  • Look for Asiatic black bears and the rarely seen gigantic lotus Euryale Ferox at Bandai-Asahi National Park and Fukushimagata Wetlands
  • Celebrate Japan's internationally-renowned magna culture at Ishinomaki
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Miyajima famous Torii gate and Shinto Shrine
  • South Korea's Gyeongju ‘Museum Without Walls' and Haeinsa Temple
  • Explore Kobe's Buddhist temple Sanjusangen-do renowned for its 1,001 statues of the goddess of mercy Kannon, and the ultimate torii gate experience Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Kanazawa's thriving centre of the arts, Samurai history, Geisha house and castle ruins
  • Explore the wilderness, beaches and history of Dogojima Island

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Kimberley Explorer: Expedition Cruising Australia's Iconic Kimberley Coast

11 DAYS - with Ewen Bell

11 - 21 Aug 2024 (Darwin - Broome) SAVE 20% - Early Bird Sale
21 - 31 Aug 2024 (Broome - Darwin) SAVE 20% - Early Bird Sale
Aboard Heritage Adventurer

  • Unforgettable spectacle of King George River Gorge and Falls (male and female Rainbow Serpents or Wunkurr) cascading 80-metres down 2,000 million-year-old towering sandstone cliffs
  • Outdoor galleries showcasing ancient Aboriginal rock art of the Gwion Gwion and Wandjina people
  • World War II relics and early explorer history
  • Massive tidal movements at Talbot Bay, the world's only Horizontal Falls described by David Attenborough as "one of the greatest wonders of the natural world" 
  • World's largest inshore reef system at Montgomery Reef
  • Remarkably preserved skeleton of a WWII Douglas DC-3 Aircraft at Vansittart Bay
  • Astounding observations of saltwater crocodiles
  • Incredible wildlife reserve and birding paradise of the Lacepede Islands
  • Hunter River, one of the world's largest and most pristine mangrove systems, home to White-bellied Sea Eagle, Osprey, Red-headed Honeyeater, Blue-spotted Mudskippers, Fiddler Crabs and more
  • Untouched beauty of the 1,000 tiny islands, islets, waterfalls and secluded beaches of Buccaneer Archipelago
  • Stunning scenery of beautiful islands, pristine white beaches, turquoise waters, secluded coves at Vansittart Bay historical World War II history and ancient Aboriginal rock art


*T&Cs apply, book by 31 October 2023, new bookings only, excludes optional excursions

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Galapagos of the Southern Ocean: New Zealand and Australia's Subantarctic Islands

12 DAYS - with Ewen Bell

18 – 29 Dec 2024
Queenstown and return

Aboard Heritage Adventurer

Visit remote World Heritage Sites: The Snares, Auckland Islands, Macquarie Island and Campbell Island

  • Join Ewen Bell's Photography Workshop
  • Explore Macquarie Island with Park Ranger guides
  • Observe the raucous antics of Macquarie Island's Royal Penguin and King Penguin colonies
  • Watch lumbering Elephant Seals challenging each other on Macquarie Island
  • Zodiac cruise Lusitania Bay - one of the largest penguin breeding colonies on the planet (Macquarie Island)
  • Spend the day hiking the unforgettable landscapes of Enderby and Campbell Islands
  • Look for the elusive Campbell and Auckland Island Snipe
  • Wade waist deep through fields of flowering megaherbs
  • Experience the rarely-seen early Albatross courting ritual known as gamming
  • Explore wildlife-rich rugged coastlines
  • Human history - Coastwatcher's Huts, early settlements and shipwreck tales

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