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Nature so grand there are no words to describe it!

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Expedition cruise to one of the most remote places on Earth, and one of the world’s last pristine ecosystems, into the ‘heart of Antarctica,’ the Ross Sea. Due to the pack ice, access to the Ross Sea is limited to just two months, January and February when wildlife thrives.

Cruise from New Zealand and walk on the ice with Emperor Penguins, visit the world’s largest and oldest Adélie penguin colony, and observe Snow Petrels, Southern Fulmars and many more species of bird. Enjoy magnificent whale watching opportunities including Minke, Orca and Southern Right Whales which feed in these nutrient-rich waters. Explore massive penguin rookeries and witness the astounding Ross Ice Shelf and enormous icebergs. Step inside the historic huts of Shackleton and Scott, observe Mt Erebus and visit McMurdo Station and Scott Base (weather permitting). Each day is an epic adventure of discovery – as seen on documentary travel shows Go Further South and Antarctica from Above.

Join us, New Zealand's family-owned and operated pioneering expedition cruise company, as we explore the Ross Sea and Subantarctic Islands aboard our luxury 140-guest flagship. Heritage Expeditions is the most experienced Ross Sea and Subantarctic operator with more than 35 years of experience exploring these regions. Purpose-built for adventure, Heritage Adventurer, boasts the highest passenger ship ice class rating (1A Super) and has a fleet of Zodiacs for landings and excursions.

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Antarctica Season 2025

Join us in Antarctica's extraordinary Ross Sea

In the Wake of Scott & Shackleton: Ross Sea Antarctica


7 Jan – 3 Feb 2025  Save up to 20%*
2 Feb – 1 Mar 2025  Save up to 20%*

Bluff, New Zealand and Return
Rates From: $31,500 USD per person

  • Walk in Sir Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps at his hut at Cape Royds
  • Venture back in time at Borchgrevink’s Hut at Cape Adare 
  • Be welcomed ashore at research stations in Terra Nova Bay
  • Visit Enderby Island in sea lion breeding season
  • See the Royal Penguins on Macquarie Island at their peak
  • Emperor Penguins, Royals, Kings, Adelie Penguins, whales, seals...
  • Adelie Penguins are flourishing with chicks about to start fledging  
  • Catch the peak flowering of the Megaherbs in the Subantarctic 
  • 24-hour sunlight in the Ross Sea
  • Orca feeding amongst the ice, especially in McMurdo Sound
  • Navigate through pack ice that guards the entrance to the Ross Sea

SUITE DEALS! Save 20% on Heritage Suites and 15% on Worsley Suites in 2025!*
*T&Cs apply, new bookings only, excludes landing fees, 2025 departures only.

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What our travellers are saying:

We are overwhelmed by the excellence of absolutely every aspect of this trip. The staff were so professional, engaging, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We felt safe and well looked after at all times. I doubt having that level of experience and knowledge about Antarctica in one place has not been done before! We were amazed by the quality of the meals, and the cabins and life on board were also more than expected. Please DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. It was worth every cent... We truly believe you guys are one of the best travel companies we have ever dealt with...

Ben and Ros

We had such a wondrous time on the ship... still reeling from it all, it was just fabulous and the thousands of penguins we saw were just amazing and exceeded all our expectations! Four new species for us seen was just amazing...Snares, Royals, SIX EMPERORS and an Erect-crested! We were in penguin heaven! We've now seen 15 of the 18 penguins in the wild! Thanks to wonderful Heritage – you have all made dreams come true for us. We loved the islands, the ice, all the birds, whales, seals, ice, crazy sea, calm sea, bergs, sky, peace, beauty and wonder of so far south. We loved the walks on land, all the landings, Zodiac cruises, food, crew, staff, passengers. It was all just fantastic.

Julie and Tim

A fantastic time! Trip of a lifetime and memories to last for ever. To experience the historic huts and especially to go into Scott's hut at Cape Evans where my grandfather had been in the early 1900s and 60s... Rodney kept on saying "You don't know how blessed you are..." and he was so right. Thank you for your help, advise and assistance you gave me in the months leading up to my departure.


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For all voyages, exact landings depend on weather and ice conditions and wildlife sightings can never be guaranteed; however, our 35+ years of experience in operating expeditions mean that we are well equipped to make the most of the conditions at the time. Past trip logs and species lists are available for all expeditions.