Wrangel Island Extensions


Join local Rangers on a 3 day (2 night) overland journey by special tundra buggy on a traverse of this incredible Nature Reserve to see and experience the remotest parts of the Island and enjoy unique wildlife encounters. Limited to two groups of 5 persons per expedition.   

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In co-operation with the Wrangel Island Nature Reserve we are excited to offer a limited number of seats on a very special Overland Traverse through the heart of this incredible landscape. For curious explorers who join us to circumnavigate Wrangel Island, there is no reason to just wonder what lies beyond the coast, over the crest of the hills and mountains. The High Arctic environment that very few people will ever experience is now accessible and exclusively available to passengers travelling with Heritage Expeditions on all Across the Top of the World expeditions.

We are offering a limited number of seats on four very special 3-day (2-night) Overland Traverses. Transport is by a six wheel Russian built Tundra vehicle brought to the island in 2010. Each rustic, off-road traverse is led by rangers from Wrangel Island and offers lucky guests a first-hand experience into the wilds of this remote region. We have been offering these traverses since 2011 and numbers are strictly limited; we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Day 1: Doubtful Harbour On arrival the Overlanders will go ashore, spend the afternoon and evening exploring the area including the nearby spit known for large haul outs of walrus. Visit Devil’s Creek, the only archaeological site on the island where remains of a Paleo-Eskimos summer camp were discovered recently. The overnight accommodation will be Wrangel Ranger huts at Somnitelnya.

Day 2: Somnitelnya Travel north firstly over the southern tundra slopes climbing gradually to a mountain pass through the Somnitelnie Mountains. A steep descent takes us to a tributary of the Mammoth River, the longest river on the island. In the evening we will enjoy a walk on the tundra slopes with possible sightings of Snowy Owls, Lemmings, Arctic Foxes and a huge variety of High Arctic plants. Stay overnight at the Peak Tundra hut, a field hut for studies of the Snow Geese nesting nearby.

Day 3: Academic Tundra Continue down the Tundra River to the Academic Tundra, an extensive area that makes up over half the island. There are opportunities to see amazing fields of wild flowers, Musk Ox, and potentially reindeer, although numbers have been greatly reduced by recent harsh winters. We will return to the ship at midday near the Drum Head Mountains (also known as the Dream Head Mountains) on the north coast of the island.

Price: $1,450 (All prices are per person in USD) 

Price Includes: Transport, accommodation (basic field huts) and meals. Please note this is in addition to the cost of the cruise.

Price Excludes: Travel insurance, gratuities and other items of a personal nature.


Northbound and Southbound options available. Southbound itinerary will operate in reverse to the above itinerary.

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Note: This Wrangel Island extension is an optional activity and conducted in conjunction with our voyage but independently operated by the Park Rangers. It is subject to minimum numbers, reserve regulations, weather and ice conditions. Participants should be aware that there is no discount or compensation for missed landings that the main expedition makes possibly including Herald Island while they are participating in the extension.

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