Wrangel Island: The Ultimate High Arctic Expedition

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This is your invitation to experience an opportunity like no other – spending 20 days exploring the incomparable nature reserve and the world’s Polar Bear denning capital Wrangel Island. The Ultimate High Arctic adventure, lucky guests on this intrepid expedition will spend with 10 days living ashore as guests of the Wrangel Island Nature Reserve’s Rangers who man this wild and remote outpost.

Limited to just 5 expeditioners, The Ultimate High Arctic Expedition offers a once-in-a-lifetime photographer and explorer’s bucket list experience set in a unique, pristine High Arctic environment. Renowned as a haven for Arctic wildlife including Polar Bears and Walrus, the island is also home to Snowy Owls, Musk Oxen and a myriad of migratory breeders and visitors, not to mention the expansive and lush tundra.

Travel north from Nome in Alaska along Russia’s Bering Strait Coast aboard Heritage Adventurer in the company of our expert naturalists and guides where there will be regular opportunities for expedition landings and wildlife viewing/photography. Before we continue northwards to remote UNESCO World Heritage Wrangel Island where we meet with the Reserve’s Rangers and begin our exploration of this little-known island.

Over the course of 5 days enjoy regular landings, Zodiac cruises and opportunities for extended walks ashore all while being based aboard Heritage Adventurer. Then when Heritage Adventurer bids farewell to Wrangel Island your adventure really begins as you move ashore and join the small team of Rangers who live and work on Wrangel.

The following 10 days will see you living alongside the Rangers in their comfortable but simple huts which sit scattered across the island allowing for a full immersion of life on Wrangel Island. Travel around the island will be by ATV and a very capable Russian-built Trekol overland truck. Plans for your time ashore are kept deliberately fluid giving expeditioners the opportunity to move around the island staying at various field huts and maximising the wildlife and photographic opportunities during the long summer days of the Arctic’s mid summer.

Accompanied by an interpreter and field assistant from Heritage Expeditions, expeditioners will remain in the care of the Reserve Rangers throughout their time on the island. While there is no fixed itinerary, the places you will likely explore include Mammoth River, Komsomol, Dream Head, Peak Tundra, the Unknown River, Red Flag, Cape Waring and the Clark River.

When Heritage Adventurer returns at the end of your 10 days, expeditioners will rejoin the ship and spend a further 5 days navigating and exploring in Heritage Expeditions authentic expedition style before sailing south along the Bering Strait coast and returning to Nome, Alaska.

What to Expect
During your time on Wrangel Island you will be living and travelling in a remote High Arctic environment where very few outside of researchers, scientists and Reserve Rangers have been before.

Expeditioners should be prepared for all weather conditions and living in rustic but comfortable accommodation. All meals will be provided during your time on the island, but be aware this will be simple, hearty camping fare.

During your time ashore you will be living and sleeping in communal shared huts with open plan sleeping arrangements. Sleeping bags and pillows will be provided. In the spirit of true expedition travel showers may not always be available and bathroom facilities in these remote locations are in outhouses.

For those looking for an unforgettable wilderness adventure the opportunities are endless; a once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits on The Ultimate High Arctic Expedition.

Dates 24 July - 21 August 2022

Price US$35,000pp
Includes accommodation aboard Heritage Adventurer in a Superior Deck 4 Cabin (twin share).

Price includes Return transport to and from Nome to Wrangel Island and participation in the itinerary plus meals, transport, accommodation (basic field huts) and guiding on Wrangel Island.

Price excludes Travel insurance, gratuities and other items of a personal nature.

This High Arctic Expedition is an optional activity and conducted in conjunction with our voyage but independently
operated by the Park Rangers and subject to minimum numbers. Participants should be aware that there is no discount or compensation for missed landings.

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