13 Feb 2024

The first iceberg spotted crossing the Antarctic Circle

The first iceberg of our voyage was spotted in the night while we were journeying to the Balleny Islands. By morning, snow was falling, and icebergs were surrounding the Heritage Adventurer, making it clear that we had reached Antarctic waters. Throughout the day, we were greeted by Antarctic Petrels, Snow Petrels and Humpback Whales, some even fully breaching outside of the water, providing some great views.

It was 185 years ago that Captains John Balleny and Thomas Freeman were the first to sight the Balleny Islands. As Young Island, the northernmost island of the Balleny Islands, appeared in our view, we knew we were close to crossing the Antarctic Circle.

In preparation, we assembled on deck where we took the pledge to become Antarctic ambassadors. While crossing the circle, we received the Mark of The Penguin. Those who were brave enough took part in a modified version of the polar plunge, where the Heritage Adventurer pool was filled with the surrounding Antarctic seawater. Many celebrated at the end with warm hot chocolate and a dip in the whirlpool bath. The day ended with a beautiful sunset, and everyone was in awe of what was to come the next few days as we set sail for Cape Adare.

Images © M. Maloney, Heritage Expeditions

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