26 Aug 2019

Picking Blueberries on Karaginskiy Island

Blueberry Picking on Karaginskiy Island, K.Ovsyanikova

As Spirit of Enderby continues sailing south we notice how autumn tundra getting richer and thicker. While exploring the verdant, endless northern flora on our landing at Karaginskiy Island we took the opportunity to collect some wild berries which from the magnificent displays of flora. Following an extensive group effort, we managed to collect 9.5 kilograms of blueberries which our talented chefs Tom and Bruce later used to create some exceptional blueberry ice cream, crumble and pie. In the afternoon we left the Kamchatka mainland and started sailing towards the wildlife-rich Commander Islands and the numerous endemic species and new scenery awaiting us.

Image from file (c) K.Ovsyanikova, Heritage Expeditions

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