18 Jan 2024

Crossing the Antarctic Circle bound for Antarctica

What is the collective noun for icebergs? A flurry of icebergs? A flotilla of icebergs? An armada of icebergs? Whatever it is, we had one surrounding Heritage Adventurer on this special day.

We knew that we would cross the Antarctic Circle this morning, but we had no idea that it would be with blue skies, fluffy white clouds, glorious sunshine and no wind. As we assembled on the pool deck it was like a tropical beach party, as we ignored the chilly temperatures, made more so by all the people in bathing costumes ready to take the pool polar plunge.

251 years and 1 day after Captain James Cook became the first European to cross the circle, and 112 years and 1 day after Robert Scott reached the South Pole, our group of intrepid travellers joined this illustrious list of polar adventurers.

Led by Expedition Leader Nathan Russ, we took the pledge to become ambassadors for Antarctica and received the Mark of the Penguin. In celebration, many of us took the polar plunge, albeit a modified version in Heritage Adventurers pool, some more than once as they scurried back and forth to the warm whirlpool bath. The hot chocolate warmed us further, but the warmth of the feeling of shared responsibility and camaraderie was best of all.

Images © F. Wardle, Heritage Expeditions

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