Wonders of Macquarie Island

15 February, 2017

Our journey to the Ross Sea took us via Sub Antarctic Macquarie Island. This Australian Island was once described by the biologist Sir Douglas Mawson as “one of the wonder spots of the world” and it certainly lived up to the reputation during our visit. It is notoriously hard to land on. There are no sheltered harbours and it lies in the furious 50’s latitudes, where strong winds are recorded on more than 270 days a year. We spent two fantastic days there with landings at Buckles Bay and a visit to the Australian Antarctic Division research base, Sandy Bay. Where there are large King and Royal Penguin colonies. Yesterday evening before continuing our journey to the Ross Sea we made a zodiac cruise at Lusitania Bay where there is a massive King Penguin Colony.

As I write this we are on our way to the Ross Sea, we have some 900 miles to go but sea conditions are good and the forecast is promising.

Current Location

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