Whale Watching on the Sea of Okhotsk

11 June, 2019

Fin Whale, Piltun Bay_D.Brown

Image (c) D.Brown

In the 48 hours since Spirit of Enderby set sail from Sakhalin Island's Port of Korsakov up to Piltun Bay we have ticked off an impressive number of wildlife sightings in the Sea of Okhotsk. These include a Harbour porpoise, pod of up to 40 Dall's porpoise, a Sei whale, 6 Fin whales (including a close encounter as a pair followed alongside our ship for 15 minutes), 2 critically endangered Western Gray whales off Piltun Bay, Steller's Sea Eagle, haulouts of hundreds of Harbour and Largha seals, and Aleutian terns with their distinctive, black-capped markings has made for an eventual two days.

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