Taking the (Polar) Plunge

28 January, 2019

Weddell Seal on Ross Sea ice

Image (c) Heritage Expeditions

Spending the night anchored off Cape Evans we woke to a colder day of -7°C, but that didn't deter a hardy group of 20 expeditioners who took the Polar Plunge by jumping off Spirit of Enderby's gangway into a bracing -0.6°C Ross Sea after a second visit to Scott's Hut.

After recuperating in the sauna and a hearty lunch we set our course as far south as we could go. While our attempts to reach Hut Point Peninsula were thwarted by the previous winter's thick, fast ice, we dropped anchor and enjoyed another walk across the ice in the company of a Crabeater Seal and a waddle of curious Adélie Penguins.

This evening we cruised along the ice's edge spotting Emperor Penguins, Weddell Seals and small pod of Minke Whales. The time has now come to head north.


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