SOE: Campbell Island & Homeward Bound

7 February, 2018

It is the penultimate day of this expedition, we are cruising to the Port of Bluff  and we have a southern ocean swell on our beam, so a little bit of a roll. Everybody is busy with last minute jobs, editing and exchanging photos, wildlife observations and journals.  There is a lot to catch up on as we had two busy days at Campbell Island.  They may have been busy but they were both amazing days with some incredible wildlife observations and opportunities.  The weather did its best to discourage us with snow and hail showers on both days, but between the showers we enjoyed some of the best lighting the sub Antarctic can offer.  A group did the 15km hike to North West Bay on the first day while others enjoyed a zodiac cruise around the upper harbour and the climb to Col-Lyall saddle to view and enjoy the albatross. The amount and intensity of albatross activity was described as exceptional, way way beyond what people imagined.  On our second day at Campbell Island a small group managed to climb Mt Honey (the highest Peak on the Island) while others photographed snipe and teal and the last of the summer flowers.  It was sad to leave the Island but everybody is looking forward to home. It has been an amazing expedition.




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