Orchids and Albatross at Carnley Harbour

8 January, 2019

Carnley Harbour, Auckland Islands

Image (c) Heritage Expeditions

Unfortunately the calm seas we had hoped for on our crossing to the Auckland Islands weren't meant to be, but the views from the Bridge as we pushed through large swells were quite awe-inspiring, and the clouds of albatross around Spirit of Enderby as we passed Campbell Island's Bull Rock were enthralling.

This afternoon we arrived in the calm of Carnley Harbour. A howling westerly gave way to the quiet rustle of Southern Rata as we rode the Zodiacs into Tagua Bay. Arriving to be met by an inquisitive New Zealand Sea Lion, we were soon on our knees scouring the moss-covered ground for orchids or stretching our legs on an ascent to the Coastwatchers Base. Everyone made it to the top of the hill with ease, and all were rewarded with stupendous views over the Northern Arm of Carnley Harbour.



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