Brown Bears Tintikin Lagoon

2 July, 2018

The stunning weather followed us as we moved north today. During a zodiac cruise this morning at Bukhta Lavrova we were blessed with a close encounter with two Brown Bears, with up to 20 bears sighted in the distance. Bear sightings on this trip so far have been plentiful, but not in close proximity. The salmon aren’t running in the rivers yet, so the bears are wary and skittish – therefore this morning’s encounter was particularly special.

We thought this morning’s brown bear experiences were incredible – but they were nothing to match what we saw this afternoon at Tintikin Lagoon. After a bit of negotiation on timing to ensure we could get across the bar into the lagoon, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of bear spotting. Approximately 25 more bears were seen at a mixture of distances – many mothers with young cubs sitting up high on the slopes above us.

Brown Bear Tintikin     Brown Bear Tintikin

© C.Todd                                                                                    © A.Patel

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